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"Droopy drawers" Jarrod Schulz, is a cholo enthusiast/storage hunter/cuckhold extraordinaire/mandingo party victim who runs a stoe with his wife/daughter/sister/cousin/girlfriend Brandy "Tits Galore" Passante. Altho married/girlfriended Schulz gets no action from those knockers, but what he does get tho are invites to the best mandingo parties accross california and as well Barry Weissdingo parties and their spinoffs Jewdingo parties where Barry and Mo Prigoff bang the shit out of Brandy and feed her classic Jewish cuisine like latkes/gilfelte fish and "everyone's favorite kreplach all catered from Barry's new deli/restaurant "Jewish Barry's Motzalot Buffet".

Jarrod has portraits of Barry Weiss' well endowed cockmatter and prays to them every night hoping that he may be blessed with the "Weisswurt of Barry" as its known in many swinger circles.

Jarrod challenged Jerry "Duty" Simpson and Dave Hester to a "fuck my wife" 3 man tournament round robin and suffice to say, Jarrod lost and it ended up being a tie between Jerry Duty and Dave whereby they had a iron man threesome, 3 hours of expert hate fucking while Jarrod sat in a corner taking notes and pondering human evolution and how he many further the human race to evolve into a race of Dave Hesters.


- Jarrod applied to Harvard and was rejected instantaneously

- Unbeknownst to many, when intimate with Brandy, a dildo is always used

- Barry was paid by Jarrod to lay Brandy for his birthday, she was obsessed with his jewish member for years after and Jarrod had to pay for rehab for her so she can be accustomed to normal sized men or jarrod's micro dong.

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