Jarrod did own two second hand stores with his partner and mother of his children Brandi, but the one in Long Beach needed to be closed because it did not make any profit. He has big dreams, for example wanting a chain of stores that are named 'Now and then' but he does not have the business sense to achieve this so he relies on his partner Brandi for her good business sense. He enjoys watching Barry give Brandy some much needed "big business tips" aka the tip of his frothing self-aware jumbo jewish funstick whereby Jarrod allows him to christen his items that he procures from beachfucking and selling astroturf oh and storage lockers.

Nowadays turns out Dave "The man in the cave" Hester has been giving the Hester armadillo dick to Brandy always luring Jarrod by promising to teach him the ways of The Fuck.

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