Dave Hester is "The Mogul" and is a buyer on the show.


Dave Hester been in the storage hunting business for over twenty five years. He has also been a licensed and bonded auctioneer since 1992. Initially Dave was a furniture store owner, however after being "appointed" to do community service for Goodwill, Dave reorganized his store to be a thrift store. Dave is the owner of the Rags to Riches consignment store and during the shows run he opened an auction house. He eventually closed the store to focus solely on the auction house. Dave seems to generally make the most profit on the units he purchases when compared to the other buyers. He made the largest profit so far when he purchased a unit containing a large collection of newspapers announcing the death of Elvis Prestly for 90,000 dollars. Dave attends the auctions frequently with Dave Jr. whom is his son he apparently desires to pass his business onto. Dave often tries to assert his superiority over the other buyers by bidding them up on units he doesn't really want. The other buyers, particularly Jarrod and Darrell, tend to insult Dave in retaliation and get in bidding wars with him. Dave seems to have the most negative relationships with the other buyers. Dave also seems to have a bad relationship with his brothers. He claims he brought them into the industry, taught them everything he knows, and then they turned on him to become his competition. Dave has also mentioned his father, whom was a military man and train collector. Dave seems to have cared about his father a great deal. Dave is known for a phrase he yells when he bids, "Yuuup!" He has this phrase on his hat and on his trucks as well.