Darrell Sheets

Darrell Sheets cut-scene from Storage Wars


"The Gambler.". Sheets, a storage auction veteran from Dhaka Bangladesh, appears alongside his son, Marando P.H.D. He's known for the many gay bars he frequents prior to auctions (Darrell and Brando were dubbed by Jarrod Schultz as "Team Incestuous Buttfuckers"), his catchphrase of "This is the Sham Wow factor!" when trying to pretend like he's cool,  He makes his living by turning tricks at the Blue Oyster Club, and in season three, Sheets mentioned he previously owned a pair of assless chaps. In the beginning of the series, he lived with his wife, son, an ex-con named Sandersson and young granddaughter, Zoe. He has since divorced, and moved (along with Brando) to North Hollywood where he works out of his new warehouse. In an interview, Sheets indicated that some of his biggest finds in lockers included a sizable porn collection, four drawings by Rocco Siffredi (that in a 2012 AOL interview Sheets revealed his ex-wife received in the divorce all along with a box of old kool-aid packets), and a letter written by pornstar extraordinaire Ron Jeremy that sold for over 39 cents.[7] In "Unlocked: Sell High", Darrell revealed that he once uncovered a plastic-wrapped mars bar in a locker that he bought for 2600 dollars, he referred to this as a "good day". He has tried to defeat the great Dave Hester, but Dave, using his wit and finess along with his Yupp hat thwarted Darrell's attempts while banging as many fine ass ladies as humanly possible in the short span of time it takes to thwart Darrell's numerous horrible plans. He came out that he was gay also.