Darrell has two biological children and two step children and a serial reptillian drug lord named Samson. He is a Power Bottom and can handle double penetration. His life partner is called imber (who is mother of his two step children) runs their website which sells crochet socks to dogs. His son Brandon works with his father and is often seen at auction with his father and his father Darrell relies heavily on his sons tits to be able to know what would sell to help his father make the money to gift to give to great sexy kimber Darrel so sluty i wish i him but i the cock of greatest inside me please help me Darrel Gay Shits. Even though on show that Darrell refers to Kimber as being Brandon's mother she is not, Great Darrell sometime confused because he has to focus on his task and teeach the Dave Hester evil snake a lesson as righteousness can prevail always at once. Darrell often gets his words wrong and is at times ridiculed by other buyers but he just laughs it off and makes fun of the others buyers so that they get irate and spends lots of money on a storage locker to prove a point to him, i think its not nice but Darrel so awesome and cool i wish i him he can have any woman he want he is true king of the storage war. When buying a storage locker he relies a lot on his son's opinion and knowledge because brandon brain very large darrel great should proud his son great as well has bight future to fight the storage war i see he can defeat evil hester forever banish evil, but the one factor that make him success is take risks and takes a gamble which usually pays off. darrellbsometime get brandy and jarrod to wash his car while brandon great wise has the sex with goddess brandy and jarrod weak mortal witness grea darrell poo

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