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Darrell has two biological children and two step children. His life partner is called Kimber (who is the mother of his two step children) who runs their website which he sells his finds on. His son Brandon works with his father and is often seen at auction with his father and Darrell relies heavily on his sons knowledge to be able to know what would sell. Even though on the show that Darrell refers to Kimber as being Brandon's mother she is not. Darrell often gets his words wrong and is at times ridiculed by other buyers but he just laughs it off and makes fun of the others buyers so that they get irate and spends lots of money on a storage locker to prove a point to him. When buying a storage locker he relies a lot on his son's opinion and knowledge but the one factor that makes him a success is that he takes risks and takes a gamble which usually pays off.

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