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Brandi Passante is Jarrod's business partner, wife and girlfriend.


Brandi tries to keep Jarrod in line and under set budgets when bidding on rooms but unfortunately Jarrod is immune to the power of her almighty tits.  More often then not she is actually mad at her husband for over spending and shitting his underwear; though Jarrod normally counters with the high bid being to make a point to the other bidders or just to make sure they don't go home empty handed.  Together she and her husband run a thrift shop whereby Jarrod acquired an erectile dysfunction which resulted in Brands getting the goods elsewhere.  At first the thrift shop was hemridging money and they could barely pay their bills.  In more recent episodes though they have expanded the shop and now drive a mercedes-benz.  Though these might be more attributed to the show doing so well, and not how well they buy units.  It is reported that each main character in the show makes $10k per episode! She loves to jump around showing her big tits. Check out her sex video too absolutely amazing

Brandi Schulz

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