Barry Weiss





Father of 200 children


fuckin' dead


Darrell the devil


Jarrod (ocassionally)
Brandi(occassinoally) jesus


Barry's Car
Barry's Motorcycle

Hair color

a light autumn gray

Eye color

none (he has no eyes)


Storage Wars
Jarrod and Brandi's stores
the dark side

Too many parameters

Barry "Collector" Weiss is a very common great bidder on the fantastic Storage War. He would always come to show with good tricks up sleeves. For example, he got two German men with him to distract the bidders by asking questions to them and when distracted Barry get the locker and then he did. Another one of his tricks is when he bought a french guy with him to take photos but when Barry got disqualified for touching the Merchandice he used the french guy to bid for him which confused even intelligent Darrell.

And one of his biggest is when he disguised himself as an old homeless lady and then revealed himself shocking everyone it was very funny we enjoy his humour. Barry will either come in his car for big loads or go on his scooter to only get one item out of a unit of stuff, he can predict his outcomes and fate easily. He usually steels any who wants to bid on a locker away from them by bidding higher and higher and when other bidder give up Barry collects his awards he is collector man. His main rival is Dave Mogul. at the last second he would yell "yep!" and steel the locker away from Barry which make me angry Barry should win all locker and become king storage to end the war once and for all. Barry also had many rivals with Jarrod, Brandi Passta, and Dan Auctioner. Yet he would still try to be nice to Jarrod and Brandi like giving them large advertising dancing tall balloon like things. 


  • In June 2013, Barry told A&E that he will not be returning to Storage Wars 5th season.
  • In February 2014, it was announced Barry will return to A&E for a spinoff series called Barry'd Treasure that will premiere on 7, 2014.


Barry, when on is scooter, will be in a black leather jacket with a black new shiny Helmet. otherwise he will be in regular clothes and dress shoes. Barry has whitish, gray hair with dark brown eyes, and his glasses are usually cool and hippie stylish. He is tall and average weight. Aftershave is usually white or dark gray.[[Category:Storage Wars Informatio

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