Barry Weiss is one of the most powerful stand users in the Storage Wars universe. His standSkeleton Key is revealed to be the main reason he and Darrel have never encountered one another on the battlefield, despite the two seemingly hating each other.

Barry frequents many of San Francisco's child sex caves, as he himself proudly admitted to in the Season 3 teaser. Barry is a child porn aficionado and a console-fag. His favorite JRPG is Tales of Berseria, AKA the worst entry in the Tales series.  

Barry's Stand

Barry's stand, Skeleton Key, allows him to open any locker he wishes at the cost of potential bodily injury.


  • In June 2013, Barry told A&E that he will not be returning to Storage Wars 5th season.
  • In February 2018, it was announced Barry will return to A&E for a spinoff series called Barrying My Dick In Young Boys. The show will feature completely uncensored content for the western audience and will be available in simulcast on Crunchyroll and Daisuke.


Barry, is approximately 5ft. 2in., 380lbs. and in a constant state of agony due to the fact that he must pass at least three golf ball-sized kidney stones every four hours. Barry has never had a GF.